About Silver Spoon School

Silver Spoon School was started in 1997 as a Day Care and Nursery School(Kindergatten)with 31 children.The Primary section was established in 1998.

Silver Spoon School was started by a group of ladies who pooled their resources together to provide an all round education. Starting with the day care section taking babies between two(2) weeks and threes(3).The Nursery School took children from the age of three(3) years upto six(6)years.

In 1998 the Primary School was started when the Pre-primary (Top Class) children were promoted to Primary one(1). By 2000, the Primary School was given express Permission to operate and in 2001, the school was classified and registered by the Ministry Of Education and Sports with Registration Number. Subsequently a UNEB, PLE centre number was issued in June 2001. PPS/S/14

Currently, the School comprises of three sections;Nursery, Lower Primary, and Upper Primary with enrollment of over 850.

The school offers the Uganda Curriculum based on National Curricum Development Centre (NCDC)


Admission in Progress

We are currently admiting learners between 2 years and 8 months upto 5 years for the Nursery section and 6 years and above in Primary Section.

Parents are advised to come with their kids for interviews at school during working Hours.


  • Current reports from previous school.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Immunisation Card (for placement in Nursery - P.3).
  • 50,000/- for interviews.
  • 150,000/- for Admission.
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